There is nothing better to get you in the Christmas mood than decorating your house with all the beautiful colours of Christmas. Everyone seems to have a different theme nowadays, our personal favourite is black and silver and I must admit since we bought a bigger tree its even better than previous years! The tree itself takes FOREVER to put together and then decorate, plus for those like me who have Christmas Bauble OCD it can take a year just to get it right! I've literally thrown this little post together to fill the gap in my bigger blogmas posts. So basically these are websites you can purchase Christmas Homeware from and a little bit of inspiration from each site.

Whats your favourite Christmas decoration? Do you have one that you treasure more than the others that always has to go on the tree?


Time for the boys stocking fillers, I actually found this a lot harder than I thought I would. I also tried so hard to keep it under £10 but it just wasn't meant to be, so the majority are below £10 with a few that are a bit more thrown in. Some are LOL worthy especially The Sock Exchange gift, six pairs of odd socks, a ridiculous but funny stocking filler for the person in your life who never wears matching socks!

What do you guys actually want as stocking fillers? Silly gifts or serious but cheaper? What do you all buy as Stocking Fillers for the men in your lives?