Week three complete!

Days 16 - 22 have gone by in such a blur, I said id share the good and the bad with you, and to be honest this week feels like it hasn't been that great. Weigh in today revealed I hadn't put any weight on but I also hadn't lost any either which left me a little bit deflated, but considering what I've eaten I think I deserved it. You know that regretful feeling you get when you know you really should have tried harder and you get what you deserve, thats currently how I feel. But with four weeks left I feel today like im more motivated than ever, I'm going to throw absolutely everything at this!

A reminder of what the Fifty Day challenge is, The Fitness Promise / Food Promise - This promise was to increase my fitness regime which had become limited at best, and The food promise was to correct my unhealthy eating habits and focus on being better.

Week three has consisted of -

Day 16 Sunday - Oh how hard this day actually turned out to be! Why when your trying to be on your best behaviour would you book a Food Festival Ticket with your mum!?! I think I must have lost my mind when I decided to do that. I tried to deprive myself of the luxury samples but I won't lie, it got a bit much and I did try a few things. I also sat outside in the sunshine and had a lovely sausage bap from one of the stalls. The festival was great, held at Hardwick Hall, a mere 20 min drive from my house. Dinner consisted of Chicken Skewers, chips and Mexican rice from our local pub as I treated my loving parents to dinner to thank my step dad for fitting my new car parts! Sponge cake for dessert from the festival was a naughty weigh in day treat too!

Day 17 Monday - An extra day off work due to a bank holiday! Rejoice! But at the same time that means being at home and trying no to eat everything in the house! To get out I took myself off to the gym which I thought was very good of me considering it was bank holiday, Bodypump put me through my paces! Bran flakes for breakfast, then for dinner I made my own Chicken kebab from a video tutorial I saw on facebook! Not going to lie it was bloody gorgeous and not really that bad considering it only had 0% fat greek yoghurt and a few spices. Boiled potatoes and salad as a side made it a bloody beautiful dinner if I do say so myself!

Day 18 Tuesday - I took myself back off to the gym again today, brownie points! Two classes, Zumba followed by Zumba toning. I love both classes as they don't really feel like exercise, although I do think I need to focus a little more on toning rather than weight loss moving forward. Bran flakes for breakfast to get me through the two classes, Soup and a roll for lunch followed by Chicken salad wraps for dinner due to working late shift. Belvita Breakfast biscuits on the way home from said late shift.

Day 19/20/21 Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - Day off from the gym Wednesday but picked up Zumba on Thursday. Wednesdays menu consisted of Bran flakes for breakfast, Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayonnaise for lunch followed by Chicken salad wraps for dinner at work. Thursdays breakfast was Bran Flakes again (see a trend here!) with a small banana, Chicken goujons with boiled potatoes and salad for dinner. Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday with chicken leek and bacon for dinner with parmentier potatoes for dinner.

Day 22 Saturday - Due to working an extra shift, I weighed in today and got my result as listed above. The same as last week. I can't argue with it, I just haven't tried as hard as I could have and thats the only reason that matters. I need to get on with it and I feel motivated now.

The third part of my Fifty Days Promise was to spend the minimum amount of money I possibly could. I have booked everything that needed booking now, and trying my best to make it through to the 29th when I go holiday shopping! All my saving and working out will be worth while on this day!

Check back in next Sunday for another weekly update! 29 days and counting!


Well that is week two complete, Days 8 - 15 were a little tougher as it was pay day and I had a few things planned. Work has also gotten in the way of being able to train this week as Ive been on 10 hour shifts and then 2 hours worth of train travel either side has been unhelpful!

A reminder of what the Fifty Day challenge is, The Fitness Promise / Food Promise - This promise was to increase my fitness regime which had become limited at best, and The food promise was to correct my unhealthy eating habits and focus on being better.

Week two has consisted of -

Day 8 Sunday - I spent some time with family as work shifts and them being away had meant we hadn't seen each other much. We had the best Sunday dinner ever! I mean when is a Sunday dinner not the best dinner ever, they only get better on Christmas Day! I ensured that my plate was half full of fresh vegetables though.

Day 9/10 Monday/Tuesday - Working all day, both days meant no gym, I did however ensure I made it out in the morning to walk to the dog, catching the train to work at 8.15 and not returning until 22.30 makes me very grumpy! I had Special K for breakfast before leaving for work, Porridge and Cherry yoghurt for Lunch and Caribbean Chicken soup with a part baked role for dinner. On the way home I snacked on Belvita Breakfast biscuits. I had the same meals both days.

Day 11/12 Wednesday/Thursday - Working all day again meant limited choices for food which I dislike, so it was pretty much the same menu as Monday and Tuesday just a different soup. Potato and Leek today, they are absolutely gorgeous though and freshly made. Morrisons sell them in big pots which last me two days and are full of healthy goodness whilst low in calories.

Day 13 Friday - I was lucky to be off work on Friday however due to all the long days I just couldn't find the motivation to go to the gym which in its self made me feel terrible. You know when you know you should do something then later in the day you get that regret feeling. Urgh! I had a dinner date today with old colleagues which was a lovely catchup, I went for the Chicken with Fries and Mexican rice. Yummy!

Day 14 Saturday - The weather has been absolutely amazing this weekend so rather than coup up in a gym I decided to get out walking with the pup! We went off to our local woodland and went exploring (see the picture at the top, gorgeous day, gorgeous puppy!) 2 hours later and we thought it best to come home before the day got REALLY hot! As I said its been glorious! I was nervous about weighing in this week due to not having been to the gym, but was surprised to see I had only put on 0.6lb which was nice. I always think you can't lose weight every week, its all moderation and if Id hit my target weight in the first two weeks Id struggle to keep motivation to see it through the next three weeks and probably end up piling it all back on before the holiday. Defeat the object much!

Luckily im on late shifts this next week so its back in the gym again! Even though its bank holiday Monday, meant to be the hottest on record ever, you'll find me at Dw Sports Fitness blasting through Body Combat and Aero Tone! Wish me luck!

The third part of my Fifty Days Promise was to spend the minimum amount of money. Well I made it through to payday without spending a penny, since being paid ive been to the catch up with friends and spent £17 and unfortunately had to pay for replacement car parts which cost me £98! Ive purchased my dressing table at £82 and thats it for this month! Other than my best friends birthday I have nothing else booked in or to pay for so fingers crossed for some saving ready for holiday shopping in June!

Check back in next Sunday for another weekly update! 36 days and counting!


We are officially finished with Day 1 - 7 of the Fifty day mission (see here). I thought id drop you the update I promised last week when it all began and let you know how its been going.

The Fitness Promise / Food Promise - This promise was to increase my fitness regime which had become limited at best, so I've given it my best shot this week. The food promise was to correct my unhealthy eating habits and focus on being better. Ive been on late shifts at work which has freed up some good AM availability for me to hit the gym classes. I attend my local DW Sports Fitness club and thought id try out a few of the classes that are on offer throughout the day.

Let me tell you how its been going so far anyway,

Day 1 Sunday - I went into the Gym with my friend and did 500M in the pool, I really enjoyed being back swimming but like every girl before me will know, its just such a FAFF! But ill be going again I think as I enjoyed the jacuzzi and steam room time after ;) ! Food for today consisted of Bran Flakes for breakfast, a lovely Sunday dinner and 4 Belvita breakfast biscuits as a snack.

Day 2 Monday - I hit the gym hard and attended both Body Pump and Aero Tone. I hadn't tried either class before but really enjoyed them both actually. Aero tone is a little bit like aerobics but to some brilliant music and probably a bit faster paced. The menu for today was Bran Flakes with Banana chopped up, Jacket Potato with Tuna and Cheese for lunch and Chicken Salad wraps for dinner.

Day 3 Tuesday - Calmed it a little and went to Zumba tone as I ached literally everywhere. Best thing about this class aside from the obvious advantages of dancing around a room getting rid of your aches and pains.. you get to shake maracas!! A massive perk obvs! Tuesdays breakfast consisted of Bran flakes with banana again, overnight oats with yogurt and Jacket potato with chicken strips and beans for dinner. Filled a gap!

Day 4 Wednesday - Day off from gym and decided to take the dog on a long walk instead. Fuelling today was Special K Cereal for breakfast, Overnight oats with Strawberry yoghurt for Lunch and Chicken Salad wraps for dinner. Because I was at work till late I took some Belvita breakfast biscuits to tide me through.

Day 5 Thursday - Back to the gym and tried out Salsacise, it was so much fun let me tell you! I really enjoyed this class, its a routine based class but you pick it up pretty quick and even if you don't its still fun dancing in a class. I was surprised how many of the members of this class were from the older generation who also looked liked they were having just as much fun! Special K for breakfast, overnight oats with yogurt for lunch at work.  Then for dinner I have Jacket potato, Salt and Pepper Chicken Strips, beans and cheese for dinner. Yummy!

Day 6 Friday - I was totally ill equipped! I was prepared for another lovely Zumba tone class only to find out the instructor was away on holiday and it was replaced with Legs, Bums and Tums. OUCH! The class itself was really good but boy did it hurt like hell for someone who hasn't squatted in an age! Was exactly what I needed though so will deffo be back for more of this one!  Special K for breakfast before class then Pasta and Meatballs with Chopped tomatoes for lunch before work and Belvitas at work.

Day 7 Saturday - Our gym held a trial class of something called PLYO. The description read something like a mix between Yoga and Pilates but faster tempo. Faster tempo was a bloody understatement! But again I really enjoyed it and am so hoping they put it into the daily timetable. Its one of those classes that kicks your ass but you feel motivated after it! I weighed in today as I knew I wouldn't be going to the gym on Sunday and id lost a whopping 5lbs! Was really pleased with this but I do fluctuate in weight. You'll notice I haven't recorded a starting weight or any progress weights because I'm saving it for day 50! Fingers crossed for progress! Today I had a day off and went to Mcdonalds with my family as they'd been away for the weekend, their Wraps are literally to die for!

So as you can see, I stuck out the fitness side of things this week and no chocolate! And to be honest I can feel it paying off already, I actually wore a skirt for work for the first time on Friday, its all about the little wins for me. However next week im at work on ALL DAYS so no gym in the timetable till Friday. BOO! But fingers crossed it won't have to much of an impact if I can behave every where else!

PS wondering about the frugality side of the three promises I made in my post.. I HAVEN'T SPENT A PENNY!

Check back in next Sunday for another weekly update! 43 days and counting!


So as many of you who read my blog will know, I started a monthly review for local companies. It started in April with Old English Company based in Stamford and you can read my post all about the business here.

Anyway, after writing up my lovely post all about them and how it started out I got in contact with them and the lovely Ellie so very kindly replied and offered me a gift voucher to spend on the website. Well hello, I wasn't going to turn that down, it was going to be hard enough deciding what to spend it on!

I thought Id share with you the few purchases I made including my favourites as well as whats on my Wishlist for when I'm actually allowed to spend some money! (To find out why I can't spend my hard earned money see my latest post here)

First up are my totally gorgeous new coasters, I've recently redecorated my bedroom with some lovely geometric wallpaper in pink, grey, white and rose gold and these coasters just match perfectly! I love the quirky quotes on them and you can purchase lots of different ones on the website and there also available in different colours.. you know incase pink isn't quiet your thing.

Secondly I purchased a keychain and a pocket mirror, because what girl doesn't need both. Again I went for the quirky quotes and inspirational keychain. Im all for motivation and Old English Company deffo had me covered with this one, I do got this! Thanks! Theres bloody loads to choose from depending on your mood when purchasing too so you don't have to have your s**t together like I did clearly when deciding.

I had to get one of the planners of course because I'm a stationary addict and I couldn't just buy one so I bought one of the notepads too. I currently have a thing for the colour grey, do not ask me why because I DO NOT have a clue?! But aren't these super cute and there really sturdy too so no bending out of shape here. (Can you tell I'm a picky stationary addict too, quality always come first).

And finally I'm going to hope my Dad doesn't see this post, I picked up one of the aprons for fathers day, Yano for when he becomes an outdoor Masterchef at the BBQ. Like all dads do! Cant cook all year round in the kitchen but put them outside in-front of a BBQ and they become gods gift to cooking!

I can't get enough of this companies products, my Wishlist grows every time I go on, heres a few of the things I still NEED to buy. (People lie when they say theres a difference between NEED and WANT, there isn't, do not be fooled!)

Go take a look over at and see what you can't help spending your money on too! The website is full of gorgeous and fun products, who knows you might even find a few gifts for other people too!


Hey! Hello! Morning!

Ive decided to start this little follow series starting today and running for 50 days. A whole 50 days! And your all going to help me stick with it or else! It was pure fluke that fifty, fitness, food and frugality all started with the letter F. Honest!

So heres the mission, there is exactly 50 days until I fly off on my holidays to Bulgaria for a week. I ABSOLUTELY cannot bloody wait! Ive decided its time to get back on the fitness band wagon however at the same time I need to start saving some extra pennies for spending money. 

The Fitness Promise

Im not going to lay out my days of the week, or what I'm doing each week and how many times. I work weird shifts so the same classes each week or the same times and days aren't always possible. My aim will be to workout at least 3 days a week and high impact, I wouldn't exactly call myself a newbie in the gym but I would like to learn how to lift to help tone my body. I need to lose a few pounds too to make myself more confident with my body, I've never been happy with the way I look or the shape I am so its time to resolve that. It takes a stupidly long time to realise that you'll only really put your mind to it when you learn to do it for you and not because someone else wants you too or to impress another person. 

The Food Promise

This is the bit that gets tricky because I'm a nightmare for binging to make myself happier or content. But to get into shape I know that it starts with what I put in. So for 50 days I will be giving up ALL chocolate/sweets, fizzy pop and takeaways. Im going to try and keep a track of the calories I put in whilst also sustaining myself to workout. 

The Frugality Promise

Since starting the new job I've had to limit what I spend whilst I get used to four-weekly pay. Believe me when I say going from weekly to four-weekly is a tricky situation to be in, being used to every Friday being a pay day! But I'm slowly getting the hang of it, and at the moment I have things that need paying for, saving is a must! So for the next 50 days I'm going to minimise any unnecessary spending to only the necessities and save some money for Bulgaria and Cuba (yes thats later in the year! Another cannot wait moment!). I also need to book my best friends birthday trip to London including attending London Movie and TV Comic Con! OMG I'm going to see Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in the flesh and of course the most gorgeous woman in the world Megan Fox! My bedroom is also craving a new Dressing table thanks to the lovely Erins post (find it here)! 

So the four F's - Fifty - Fitness - Food and Frugality. They all play an important part in anyones life I think, but for the next fifty days there going to take precedent. Ill be writing a weekly Sunday update post to let you all know how its going, hopefully just the highs but if theres any lows you'll be hearing those too!

Do you have any tips to save money? Advice on learning to lift? Or the foods to try OR avoid? Pop your comments below id love to hear them!


For a while now I have been apart of a website that helps bloggers like myself promote businesses either in return for money or free trial gifts. However over the last few months I've thought more and more about the smaller local firms that don't get as much exposure and have been wondering if there was something I could do to rectify it, maybe inline with what I do with said website or completely on my own. Until an opportunity recently arose and I tied the two together to get the ball rolling, everyone let me introduce you to the lovely people at the Old English Company. This will be my first Local Business Support Advertisement and I hope I do them proud! 

You may have noticed if your an avid reader of First For Everything that a new page has been added, titled Advertisers. Here you will be able to find all of the local companies I have worked with and any offers they may have going along with a brief about what you can purchase from each one. Shortly, Old English Company will be added to start the page going!

So anyway! Back to them! 

The Old English Company are a brand who specialise in Stationary and Homeware using the art of quirky calligraphy quotes and there own humorous style. Based in Stamford all of their products are made here in England and are all within anyones price range. Local firms sometimes have to compromise there prices due to the costs involved in making there products, however the Old English Company have kept all their items within anyones grasp even a bargain hunter like me! I already want to own half the website.

On there you can find all manor of items including coasters, mugs, calendars, cards and prints. But for all of you reading this that know me, you know my heart will lie with the Stationary page. However much I adore the key-rings and Enamel Pins with there funny slogans, its the Planner page that draws me in. 

You see I have this desire to organise my life, I think I could hold a diary for every single detail of my life from daily habits, expenses to calendar scheduling and reminders. I couldn't possibly keep it all in one because wheres the fun in that! My dad always jokes saying "Kylie does love a list" because I make them for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I have so many bits of paper I worry about losing one! But these beauts are A5 sized making them even more perfect and compact and each page contains a daily checklist and room for notes. The only difficulty I'm going to have is picking which colour I prefer! 

Currently they are holding a competition to win a set of planners and you betcha ive already entered! 
Go on and enter yourselves its not like you've got anything to lose! 

Over the next few weeks of April I'm sure you will see more of the Old English Companies products popping up on my social media and here on the blog. Go and give them a visit, I highly doubt you'll manage to leave the site without buying something, personally I haven't managed it yet! 

*This post is sponsored by Old English Company and I have collaborated with them on this post, however all views and opinions remain my own and I bloody love the products! I would personally not endorse something I didn't truly love myself.

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