Places to visit in Wales

This weekend myself and my boyfriend took a little break to Wales, its a place I have always wanted to visit. The lure of the countryside, fresh air, quaint towns had always been in the back of my mind when it came to deciding on a holiday destination within the UK.

Riu Helios Hotel - Bulgaria

So I know its been ridiculously long since I last blogged but I have been on my holidays! Bulgaria was gorgeous as always, plenty of red hot sunshine and amazing food.

Beauty Haul!

What was supposed to only be a last minute holiday shopping trip turned into two shopping trips and not a lot of holiday things bought. WHOOPS!..

Review - The Wingerworth | Chesterfield

I totally love reviewing places, I like to think im very honest and open about things because otherwise I would just be misleading people. On the other hand I would always want people to understand that these are only my opinions, everyone can view differently or have totally different experiences at the same places or with the same products.

Summer Beauty

I am now in need of some advice from my newly amazing beauty blogger friends. I am all quiet new to the beauty scene and am currently learning through the talented beauty bloggers I have found in various different social media formats. YouTube. Twitter. Blogger. Pinterest. Instagram.

Disney on Ice

Saturday was the day my 8 year old niece has been waiting for since last August. For her birthday she was gifted tickets to see the Disney on Ice show at our local Ice Arena. We have both been before but she was much younger then and couldn't completely appreciate what was happening in the show.

The need for confirmation

Okay, so I only started this blog yesterday along with a Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest profile. You could call me a complete newbie to this technology world of sharing your views and opinions as well as day to day life on the internet.

First post nerves

I actually just googled "how to write an amazing first blog post"
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