Disney on Ice

Saturday was the day my 8 year old niece has been waiting for since last August. For her birthday she was gifted tickets to see the Disney on Ice show at our local Ice Arena. We have both been before but she was much younger then and couldn't completely appreciate what was happening in the show.

We went to our local Cosmo for dinner first, we all love the place and the food is amazing! It has such a variety for everyone with so much choice from different cuisines around the world. My favourite was the sesame chicken and sweet potato fries, her favourite had to be the pizza.

Doors opened at two but I know how fidgety she can get so didn't see the point in arriving too early as the show didn't start until 3pm. We already had our seats so were in no rush. After being robbed by the merchandise sellers, which was obviously inevitable (how any adult manages to get past those people with children is beyond me) we decided to find our seats.

As soon as Mickey Mouse came out she was lost, almost instantly I was bombarded with squeals and shouts about how much he sounded like Mickey and Donald sounded like Donald and did they really come from America to put on the show.

Along with Mickey were chapters from The Lion King, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. Having grown up with all three of these films I too was in love with the show (trying to hide the fact I was singing along to "Under the sea" not embarrassing at all.

On to the final movie chapter and I can honestly say at this point I think every adult in the room went deaf | ENTER ANNA |. Frozen truly gripped every child in the audience and as an adult who has had to sit through the film so many times its hard not to sing "Do you wanna build a snowman". | ENTER OLAF | clearly every child's favourite character, there were screams and shouts as he said the only Olaf line everyone remembers "Some people are worth melting for". My niece was singing along to "Let it Go" in full voice and there was no way on earth she would be quiet as every child in the audience was singing along too. It was actually really nice to see the joint love for something that they all shared. Even the adults were having a sing along no matter how much they say its annoying!

It was a lovely day and I am so glad I purchased the tickets, I think its going to become an annual thing from now on. It certainly put us in the mood for our upcoming holiday to Florida in October to see all the Disney characters at the parks.

Did anyone else attend there local Disney on Ice showing? What did you think to the show?..

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