First post nerves

I actually just googled "how to write an amazing first blog post"
Its surprising just how many different views there are on the same question, but I guess that is just like anything in life isn't it? 

At the young age of 27 I have come to realise two things, that annoying saying "Welcome to the real world" is still just that and everyone you meet in life is going to have an opinion. Most of the time its one that your not going to like or agree with.

But whilst I see people dwell on what others think, I have come to the conclusion that it is not something I am going to let control my life. I love what I love and wont let anyone prevent me from doing the things I want to do. 

Within this blog I am sure you will find posts that you can relate to easily and hopefully enjoy the photos posted along with them. Its a "real world" blog full of everyday predicaments but with some nice bits thrown in to keep things upbeat. I want you to use this blog to escape your own daily struggles and endless days and have somewhere to go to realise that your not in this thing called life alone.  

Please feel free to comment, along with your own life predicaments. 

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