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I totally love reviewing places, I like to think im very honest and open about things because otherwise I would just be misleading people. On the other hand I would always want people to understand that these are only my opinions, everyone can view differently or have totally different experiences at the same places or with the same products.

That being said Saturday night I decided to book a table at The Wingerworth | Chesterfield. Of the four of us who attended, none of us had visited before so this was a completely new place for us all. I had seen the restaurant several times and always driven past thinking I would try it one day.

On arrival our table wasn't quiet ready, but we were early so it was to be expected. We were swiftly directed to the bar area to purchase a drink until our table was ready. The atmosphere was lovely and the bar and dining area were very well laid out. The restaurant has an almost nautical theme as they actually serve Harry Ramsden's fish and chips which I thought was quiet quirky and not something I had heard of before. The drinks were reasonably priced for this type of restaurant and we were able to place them on a tab to go with our food order once seated which was quiet handy.

Almost nautical themed

The Wingerworth Menu

The staff were very well presented and friendly and the nice lady came to tell us our table was ready, she even offered to help carry the drinks. The tables were nicely decorated with rose gold decorations which I thought was lovely and had to take a picture of. Of course!

 Rose gold decorations

Now I know this might sound silly, and yes I did book the restaurant but im not the biggest lover of Fish and Chips. I was pleased to see that alongside the main Fish and Chip options were some lovely classic mains too, I guess for people like me. I decided on the Piri Piri Half Spatchcock Chicken with twice cooked chips and coleslaw. There were several things I ended up being torn between, one being the British beef and roasted mushroom pie. The others decided to have the fish and chips which I was secretly glad about for this review purpose.

Piri Piri Half Spatchcock Chicken. chips and coleslaw

Cod and Chips with mushy peas and salad

The meal was absolutely delicious and I actually couldn't fault anything about it. Service was quick and efficient and the staff couldn't do enough for you. Im always pleased when a restaurant offers such good service on a Saturday night, time and time again I have been to restaurants where staff are incapable of keeping the same level of service because of the busy periods. We actually joked at our table that my chicken must have been well fed due to the size of it, portions here are brilliant value for the money and I would not have minded if the price was a little bit more. 

Two of our group decided to take on a dessert, I on the other hand was very full from my large chicken. Both ordered the profiteroles and cream, which came with THE cutest little cream churn I think ive ever seen. Presentation on both mains and desserts was second to none and attention to detail was easily noticeable.
Profiteroles with Chocolate and Cream

All in all I was really impressed with The Wingerworth, everything from the food to the staff was perfect. A side note to the food and staff, many restaurants rush you with the bill once you have finished your meal. Not at The Wingerworth, we were able to have a lovely evening with a bottle of wine and a general conversation without being hassled to leave to free up the table. It was a lovely relaxed restaurant with great tasting food and amazing staff. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. I have already told the people I work with what a lovely time I had there!

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