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I am now in need of some advice from my newly amazing beauty blogger friends. I am all quiet new to the beauty scene and am currently learning through the talented beauty bloggers I have found in various different social media formats. YouTube. Twitter. Blogger. Pinterest. Instagram.

I now turn to you in need of your help. I am set for going on my summer holiday soon - June 16th. Im going to Bulgaria so im hoping (preying) its going to be lovely and hot!. However this provides a bit of a flaw for me, in that I don't particularly like going out without some sort of foundation/makeup on. Im very pale and if I don't wear makeup I always get the same comments, you look tired, ill, off.

So... Im wondering if your beauty regimes change at all when your going on holiday. I don't tend to wear a lot of makeup, at the moment im using Bareminerals powder foundation or No7 match perfect liquid foundation. Do you have any recommendations on staying power for the hot days, I have been reading all of your lovely blogs and noticed the SPF moisturiser come up a few times so im considering purchasing that. I burn really easily but hate the feel and smell of suntan lotion on my face so im hoping this will be a better alternative to suntan lotion or burning.

Also im considering a little bit of a makeup splurge for my holidays as I pretty much have everything else I need anyway. Does anyone have any makeup recommendations for summer? Lipstick colours, eyeshadows? I have read today about the Maybelline Eyestudio colour Tattoo shadows, ive never used a creme eyeshadow before so I think I might give these a try after reading a good review.

Please Help?!?

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