The need for confirmation

Okay, so I only started this blog yesterday along with a Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest profile. You could call me a complete newbie to this technology world of sharing your views and opinions as well as day to day life on the internet.

I have come to the assumption that everyone must have started out this way at some point, although I imagine the blog came long after a twitter presence?

My only thought at the moment is this, and maybe you can help me with it.. Are people going to think im one of those random people adding lots of people that I do not know? You know the type, the people that add you for no apparent reason and people don't accept you because they don't have any friends on twitter or any posts on Instagram. Should I wait until I have a presence to add people to my "followings"?

I have spent my day exploring the blogger forums looking through blogs to "follow", it wasn't actually difficult to come across a lot of like minded people sharing things I have common interest in. I have actually quiet enjoyed myself and even commented on a few, I just really don't want people to think im some sort of fraud.

So I guess this post really is a bit of a confirmation, to the people I have already followed, commented or added on various different platforms. Im just a new girl in this big sea of Blogger experts and im hoping your all a friendly bunch :)

Anyway, enough about that.

Last night I took a lovely trip to a local spot called Gunthorpe Bridge.

I just love getting out in the summer sun (when it makes an appearance in the UK) you really do have to make the most of it. I hate being stuck indoors, why does the lure of the long summer nights have to be so enticing? I love my job but the time until 3.30 doesn't half seem never ending. 

Do you have any summer spots? Places that when you see the suns out you just want to be there right away no matter where you are at the time?

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