Riu Helios Hotel - Bulgaria

So I know its been ridiculously long since I last blogged but I have been on my holidays! Bulgaria was gorgeous as always, plenty of red hot sunshine and amazing food.

We Stayed at the Riu Helios hotel, it has a perfect location for everything within Sunny Beach, the strip is within a two minute walk away and all the local bars and restaurants can be found there. We decided to go AI, I just find it makes it a whole lot easier, everything is paid for and you just order what you want.. whats not to like! The food was lovely, full English breakfast every morning (if you wanted it) I took a fancy to egg and beans on toast! Dinner was served in the usual buffet way with plenty to choose from. Or you could choose to dine in the Bulgarian or Asian specialty restaurants which were surprisingly included in the AI and you could go as many times as you wanted during the holiday. Poolside activities during the day were hilarious, Bingo had to be my favourite (I don't normally play) the animation team really got you involved and you end up playing every day! The beach was just a step over the path and you were there.

We went to the usual rep meeting although I have been twice before so pretty much knew where everything was. We decided to book the excursion to Khans Tent, basically to sum it up its a 4 course meal, a salad appetizer which is surprisingly gorgeous! Some form of potato croquet for starter, Chicken dinner for main and then a frozen cake for pudding which is also really nice. Khans Tent is up on the hillside but is only a 5 minute bus journey from Sunny Beach which is good. It give spectacular views over the area and you can see all the way to Nessebar. There is also a show which has different acts perform different talents, Hula Hooping, Local dancing, Juggling, Tightrope walking etc, They are fabulous and it really is the most popular trip, its a lovely night out for people of all ages. 

 We decided that we didn't want to do a trip to Nessebar old town, instead we wanted to make our own way there and spend the whole day wandering around. So we caught the local bus up, its really cheap but VERY crowded so be prepared to be packed in like cattle and it can get very hot! People don't feel accustomed to let older people sit down like we do here in England either. Manners clearly go out the window when getting on local transport abroad. Once we got there, we walked the entire way round the outside of the island (about an hour), it was glorious, absolutely red hot! So pretty to look out to sea whilst strolling, I didn't want to leave. Once you have walked the outside you can go within and there you will find a gorgeous town! I was besotted with it, cobbled streets, little shops and lovely little cafes where you can sit and watch the world go by. There are some lovely monuments to explore as well. The best way to get back to Sunny Beach is on the boat. Enjoy a lovely boat ride around the coast and back out to the main island, be prepared to get a little wet from the waves but it makes it all more fun if you sit on the outside of the boat. Like everything else in Bulgaria its still ridiculously cheap and only costs about £5.00 for an hours trip. 

Bulgaria is a beautiful place, Sunny Beach is very lively and can get a little much if you don't care for young people letting there hair down. There are bars located all the way down the front and it can get a little bit rowdy but its still well suited for all ages. The bars are always cheap, its happy hour every hour so they say. some bars have local deals on where women can drink for free after a certain time and there are lots of bars with shows on such as tribute acts. We saw the Tina Turner act, she was really good and got everyone singing along. the bar comes alive after the show finishes as well so no need to leave. 

There are lots of shops but be prepared for your general holiday rubbish, people don't hassle you like in other countries which is nice and there is some killer ice creams if you know where to look. I don't normally like visiting the same place more than once (there isn't enough days to annual leave) but Bulgaria is definitely an exception. I can easily highly recommend it to anyone of any age group!

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