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When receiving flowers via a delivery I believe there are two types of people. Those really surprised, shocked and down right embarrassed and then those who act like its nothing out of the ordinary and receive them ALL the time. 

Well I am the former. I love flowers, I love the way they make you feel, the way they smell, but whenever I receive flowers from my partner it still comes as a little bit of a shock.

When it comes to ordering flowers for other people, I am always a little dubious when ordering online. You never actually know how they are going to arrive until the person you are sending them to has actually received them. That seems a little risky, websites are very good at making images look lovely online and in fact when they arrive, the reality is they are all beat up, in full bloom or dying.

When Prestige Flowers gifted me this adorable bunch of flowers, with Mothers Day coming up it seemed like perfect timing. The chance to put all my worries at bay before ordering some for the woman whom I owe everything too. It also meant I could help all you guys with the decision of where to order your lovely bouquets from.

They arrived at my office address on Friday, and when one of the girls said I had a delivery, I got that instant feeling of coyness. (Even though I knew full well they were coming!) I was pleased to see they were contained within a lovely box, carefully looked after by the gentleman delivery driver.
 (Prestige Flowers really do look after flowers, from leaving there depot to arriving at yours)

Inside the box the flowers were nicely hand tied with a wet cloth wrapped around the stems, covered in a plastic wrap and contained within a lovely bag. Now this might come as a little bit of a strange comment but I am not a florist. Within the box, along with the normal flower food which you put in the vase, was a Flower Care Card. Whenever I have received flowers before, I don't know about anyone else but I am always a little bit like, Okay, cut them down, stick them in a vase? The card was really informative and gave directions on how to cut them, how to make the lilies flower quicker and how to prolong the life of all the different flowers included in the bouquet. 

The flowers themselves (mainly Roses and Lilies) were lovely, the roses were a gorgeous red and the majority of Lilies not yet in bloom. This is an added touch for me as I prefer flowers to arrive not yet in full bloom, that way once you have received them you know there not going to die in a matter of days. I popped the bouquet into a vase I had handy; a note I would make, is the wire that surrounds the flowers, although a pretty gold colour was a little tight on the flowers. I decided to cut it away allowing a fuller display.



As you can see the flowers are gorgeous, the only real downside I must admit to with the Lilies, is that they seem to have died on the tips. The majority have now opened fully blossomed and are gorgeous flowers but this is a drawback, it may be due to the temperature of the room they are in so I wouldn't let this put me off ordering from Prestige. The company have a wide variety of flowers available for all different occasions. I had a sneek peek on their website and if your partner really loves you, The Majestic bouquet at £2,500 is a total steal! 

With Mothers day around the corner and if your in the market for gorgeous, colourful and well scented flowers, you can check out all of their bouquets on offer HERE. Ranging from £19.99 - £49.99 with additional special offers such as free vases and free chocolates, I would say Prestige are worth a look. 

*I received a free Luxury Bouquet from Prestige Flowers in exchange for writing a review on my blog, this post contains sponsored links from Prestige. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.*

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