Dovedale Summer Walk

Probably the best thing about living in England is the ability to drive out into the countryside, park your car and go walking. Within an hour from my house I can literally be in the heart of the Peak District.

With the lovely weather this Bank Holiday weekend we got our walking shoes on and went off out into the countryside. Dovedale is about a 45 minute drive from where we live and is such a beautiful place, there is a huge range of walks, and parking is only £3 all day. We decided to get there early because we thought with the weather it would get pretty busy and we were right. The walk from the car park down the side of the river brings you to the famous stepping stones.. no matter how many times I go, I always have ago, young at heart as always!

We followed the path up to a small bridge, crossed and decided to take the long route to Millsdale. Another beautiful little village with just a few houses, a local shop and the perfect place to grab a sandwich if you didn't pack a picnic (which I highly advise as there are so many beautiful places to sit). Be warned, here the ducks are not afraid to come and sit down next to you and steal whatever it is you happen to have!

The one thing I love most about getting out and about in the countryside is how friendly people are, everyone you pass says 'Morning' or 'Afternoon'. Its like there is a walkers code where you must speak and be polite and its great! The variety of people at Dovedale was great too, old and young, families and couples alike. People were just wandering and chatting along whilst enjoying the last bank holiday of the year and the brilliant weather we had.

There are lots of idyllic sights at Dovedale too and hidden troves for the children (and adults) to explore. Many of the fields contain animals who aren't afraid to watch you walk past, I had to keep reminding myself that they were probably more scared of me than I was them.. which proved a little difficult when the cow your stood next to is twice the size of you!

It was a lovely day for a circular walk in Dovedale, I would highly recommend it. The long route is around 7-8 miles but there are lots of shorter or longer ones depending on what you prefer or can manage.

What did you all get up to on your last Bank Holiday Monday? Do you enjoying walking? If so why not comment below and share your walks with me!

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