Skydiving at Langar Airfield

Skydiving came about when as a normal person I said, "I'd love to go skydiving it looks amazing"... The emphasis here is SAID. People SAY crazy things like this all the time and assume that they will only end up as words.
You dont expect someone to hold you at your word and take it upon themselves to book it for you as a Birthday/Christmas present. (My birthdays 3 days before Christmas hence the joint present... dont get me started on joint presents). Take my advice from now on and only say out loud what you actually are willing to participate in.

So anyway, yes, I was bought Skydiving by my lovely partner and my best friend Katie. It is something I have always wanted to have a go at having only ever done Indoor Skydiving. I called up my local skydiving place Langar Airfield, and booked it in for Saturday 29th July. This was like 5 months ago and it really did come round faster than I'd hoped!

We arrived at 8am as suggested by the lady on the phone, because as she told me, it can get very busy and the weather can change from one hour to the next. Id psyched myself up for it and didn't want to have to come away without having done it, im not sure you would have got me there again! After checking in and filling out all the relevant forms, I now 100% know I dont have any ailments or illnesses or a numerous amount of health conditions I'd never heard of, we were separated into groups for a briefing. 

The guy doing the briefing, Lindley, was funny but with a serious tone. He left nothing uncovered and the nerves began to settle and be replaced by excitement. We were made to practice various positions from leaving the plane to landing. I felt reassured when he told us the hooks of which there are four, that attach you to the instructor are able to tow a car, safe to say at 5"1 I was going nowhere without my instructor!

Then you wait. 

And wait.

For that god awful time when your name is announced on the tannoy system to be kitted up for your jump. You then get to meet your instructor, mine was Dave and don a lovely jumpsuit, some great looking goggles and a helmet you wouldn't be seen dead in! Here is hoping!

Then everything else happens so fast, you go outside to be laughed at in your lovely outfit and wait for the plane to arrive. It arrives in all its glory with an actual propeller and a roller door, specifically designed for people leaving the plane.. I mean who does that when you have a fully working plane?!

The journey up to 13,500ft takes around 20-25 minutes, surprisingly this doesn't feel like the lifetime you would expect, your literally there before you know it or want it. (Can you tell I was totally looking forward to this yet?) Luckily we had the lovely Lindley on board keeping us entertained and smiling with his extremely bad jokes. Ill share a quick one with you..

Why do seagulls fly over the sea? .................. Because if they flew over the bay they'd be called Bagels!

Then all of a sudden your at the required altitude and your instructor is doing all the final checks and the door opens. Yes, the door OPENS. For someone who's only ever flown on a passenger plane before, this concept didn't sit well, I was by now really excited rather than nervous, luckily. During the briefing a woman had asked what if you change your mind up there, his reply was simple, "No No No sounds a lot like GO GO GO! I think what he meant was you were going, end of. 

Ill let the pictures and the video tell you the rest of my story from here.. 

It was an incredible experience, I can't thank the two of them enough for letting me be lucky enough to give it a go. I wouldn't have changed it for the world, perhaps a little less spinning when controlling the parachute but other than that. Its worth every penny!

So what are you waiting for, go do something terrifyingly exciting today and books a Skydive with Langar!

To see the full Skydiving video experience click here, I would highly recommend getting a video of your experience so that all your friends and family can see just exactly what it was like letting go of that plane door! Shout out to Dan Maden at Langar Airfield for the amazing pictures and video!

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