Hello September

September is upon us already.. not to sound cliche but where the hell did the year go? I feel like only two minutes ago we were celebrating Christmas and now its nearly here again! Time really does seem to be moving so fast this year and I cant keep up with it. Im so excited that September is here though, it feels like ive been looking forward to it for such a long time! It brings holidays and parties, come on who doesn't love both.

This weekend I will be off down to a lovely place in Roydon called Roydon Marina Village, I have stayed numerous times now and I still absolutely love it. Its unusual for me to be okay with visiting the same place but ill make an exception here. We always stay in a Roydon VIP Lodge as they have there own private hot tubs. full lounge and dining area. The marina is lovely for a walk round but the best part about it is the close proximity to the train station (literally outside the gate). You can get to London on the train in around 30 minutes which is perfect for a London lover like me. The self catering lodges all come fully equipped with two bedrooms, one double and one twin, usually both on suite, full kitchen, dining and lounge area with TV. Its like a home away from home with the added bonus of a Hot Tub (unless your lucky enough to have one at home). Every time we go I always end up in the Hot Tub passing away the time with a glass of Rose and a good book. Its a lovely place to relax and let the world pass you by without a single care except for what to have for dinner. For more info see here, and a more in-depth post will go up once im back.

After a lovely relaxing week it will be straight back into it with a 10K race on Sunday 17th September in my local town of Mansfield. I love to run so im looking forward to this one as it will be the first local race ive taken part in. 

September also holds one of the most important dates of this year..... my best-friends Hen Party. The excitement for this is immense and im trying so hard to contain it. Everything's been planned to a T! I cant talk about it just yet but be sure with her consent the nights antics will appear on the blog at some point, maybe after we have all finished recovering! 

What do you all have planned for September? Share and let me know I love to read your comments!


  1. This year has gone ridiculously fast! Your trip to Roydon sounds perfect. Like you, I rarely like to visit the same place twice but staying a lodge sounds like the perfect reason to make an exception to that rule.
    Best of luck with the upcoming hen party, I'm sure you've done an amazing job planning it! I'm also helping to arrange a surprise hen party for next year so I'll keep an eye on your upcoming post allll about it :)!
    Tasmin |

  2. The year definitely has gone by incredibly fast! I too remember celebrating Christmas, hahaha. And that village getaway sounds super luxurious - I hope you enjoy it, as well as your friend's hen party :) Much love, Maria (


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