5 Things I've learnt owning a Bulldog

Its been six months since we brought home our gorgeous English Bulldog puppy - Frank. Hes still as gorgeous now as the first day we brought him home. I thought I would give you a quick update on how hes getting on and the top 5 things I have learnt about owning a Bulldog.

1| English Bulldogs are extremely loving, they do not like being alone if they know your around. Frank literally follows us around the house like a cat would. If we are sat in the kitchen he will sleep on the tiled floor rather than the carpeted floor in the living room, solely because your not in the living room! You also cant get anything important like writing this blog post done without a cute face appearing over the top of your laptop! Who can be mad at that face though!?

2| The best purchase we have made for Frank is his harness, it prevents pulling on his neck muscles when he tries to pull on his lead. Normal leads attach to a dogs collar, but this one attaches to the harness itself allowing the pull to be placed on the front of the harness rather than around his neck. In the six months with us he has had two of these, a small in blue and his new medium size in Green, there is plenty of growing room in each size its just Bulldogs put on weight, fast. They can be purchased here on Amazon and I would recommend them to anyone!

3| English Bulldogs grow FAST, when I say fast I mean fast. Frank is only 9 months old and already weighs three stone. He is capable of using his weight for many things including sitting on you when you least expect it. Hes heavy and still thinks he can fit in the same spaces as he did when he was a little puppy including between your legs when you sit on the floor. This is NOT the case!

4| You see this "I've done something" face, its a pre warning. When people think about buying an English Bulldog the first thing they learn from research is they snore and they fart. Both of which are more than true. Frank can clear a room in seconds and make you want to gag daily! He stinks! As for snoring, dont get comfy in front of a good film without holding on to the remote, you'll be turning up the volume several times once they drift off.

5| Obviously I am biased because hes my puppy but I wouldn't change him for the world, hes a lot more intellectual than he looks, he has picked up the majority of things super fast! However, my last big learning curve is that these breeds take A LOT of looking after. Everyone sees this cute bundle of fat that doesn't seem able to grow into his face rolls, however thats where he requires help. Frank has his face wiped daily with sensitive baby wipes so that his rolls dont get sore due to the tears from his eyes. They get very red and very sore and need to be kept dry, the lucky thing is that these dogs are so lazy they doesn't care about you doing it.

So thats Frank at nine months! He has an amazing character and makes me smile all the time, even when hes trying to hump my leg late at night! Oh yes, my boy has some definite bowchickawowow love making skills!

Shout up in the comments below with what pets you own and there most ridiculous traits! 

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