Its getting to that time of year now where everyone starts evaluating the year thats been 2017. It seems like its been a very short one with nothing much having happened. I have traveled to Mexico back in June which was amazing and recently been to Disney Land Paris. I started this lovely little blog of my own and completed a Skydive in July. Besides that I think the year has been a bit of a nothing year and im glad to see the back of it. Im hoping next year is going to be much more exciting and that by the time I write this post next year ill have purchased my first home. Here's hoping.

My goal list for 2018 is a very random assortment and it will be interesting to see how many I stick at and see through.

1. Since starting this blog and following a million others its become apparent that I need to get my skincare regime sorted out. At the moment its non existent, so I am going to try out a few brands and see how I get on.

2. I want to de-clutter this year in preparation for moving house, I dont want to be saving things that are unnecessary and wont have a home at the new place.

3. Fitness is going to be a major goal for me next year, having previously ran a half marathon, I want to get back into running. I recently signed up to Virtual Runner and am taking part in the 500 Mile 2018 Race. You basically do it in your own time and you have a year to complete 500 Miles, you then send over proof via a running app or whatever and get a medal once its complete. It roughly equates to 10 miles a week.

4. I want to ditch technology in 2018, I feel like its taken over the basics in my life, more than anything I find I dont have the time to read which is one of the things I love to do the most. So I have set myself the challenge of reading at least 12 books next year (1 a month). Keep an eye out in January for my 2018 Reading Challenge post. I have also decided that once a week I will be detaching myself from the internet and my I-Pad as well as all social media.

5. With regards to this space im hoping to blog at least once per week and improve my photography which shouldn't be difficult considering its absolutely tosh! 

6. The main Goal for this year is obviously to save save save, me and Rob both have ISA's with Skipton which mature in August. They can be used towards a deposit for a house when your a first time buyer so thats our goal. August. It will probably take us an age to pick somewhere as we can both be really picky, but its got to be perfect, so if that means waiting, it means waiting.

What are your goals for 2018? do you have any tips or advice on how to stick at your goals when the new year rolls around?

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