Now that the giveaway is up and running its time to get down to business and give out some of my own personal advice on where I shop at Christmas on the big wide web. It can be a confusing place not knowing where to look for what or who, so here’s a little sneak peek of the places I’ve visited for my Christmas presents this year and there’s also a little list of things you can expect to find.

Clothing & Lingerie

12| The Works 
13| Typo


14| Asda 
15| Firebox
16| Studio
17| Next
18| Dunelm 
19| Marks & Spencer

Beauty lovers

20| Feel Unique
21| ASOS

The personalised touch

I hope I've managed to help you all out a little, I can just imagine blokes reading this clicking every link! Bless them! Pop in the comments below where you all do your Christmas Shopping.

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