AHHH! Things are getting a little hectic now that Christmas is only 5 days away, 5, thats 5! Yes I said 5! See the point im making! Normally im all organised, everything is wrapped finished sorted into piles for relevant recipients. This year, I haven't even finished buying for some people, thank god for late night shopping in our local town. My next 5 days look a little bit like this:

Today - Wednesday 20th
Today consists of the usual dog walking and working until 3.30pm then my bestie will be round to do our festive present swap as well as my birthday present unveil! This year we are doing our swap a little early as my birthday isn't until Friday, but we are heading out for a meal (cant tell you where because I dont actually know myself) and then off to the cinema to catch the new Pitch Perfect 3, really looking forward to it.

Thursday 21st
Again the usual working and dog walking then its off into town to get the nail extensions I had done for our Disney trip taken off and I can feel normal again. I have them done but then dont get on with them after a week or two, so there coming off. Then its a mad dash around town to try and get the bits and pieces for people that make up there entire present. You know, the little bits that we add on for the hell of it.

Friday 22nd
ITS BIRTHDAY DAY!  Sorry but today Christmas can do one whilst I celebrate my Birthday, I hate people who say I'll buy you one present for both. Er NO! Let me warn you people that if you do this to others with a December birthday we will wrap your June birthday gift in Christmas paper and rock up in a Christmas jumper just to show you how it feels!. Rant over! LOL! So yea, its birthday day, and also the last working day so it means fuddle day which is brilliant timing being my birthday too! Then the family will be round at night to celebrate and we can order in! I also have a polar bear birthday cake this year, the ONLY advantage to a Christmas birthday is the Desserts!

Saturday 23rd
Hectic one dropping presents off at different peoples houses, getting the house all cleaned up before the mad day.

Sunday 24th
Everything by now should be done and its time to relax and enjoy the Christmas festivities. This year Christmas eve will consist of a big fry up, then into the local town in the afternoon for a few drinks a bit of dinner then back to the local pub over the road. Everyone we know will probably attend at some point, then its home to sleep until Santa arrives. Obvs have to be in bed, otherwise he wont come!

Monday 25th
ITS CHRISTMAS. There isn't really much else to say here. UNWRAP PRESENTS. See family. EAT THE BEST MEAL OF YEAR.

What are your plans for the festive period? Are you all wrapped and finished or are you a mad dasher like me?

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