For those that don’t know what Blogmas is and why so many bloggers who normally post once or twice a week are suddenly posting every day, #Blogmas starts on 01st December and runs through to 25th December.  Bloggers try to post everyday with different posts all with the same theme, yep!  you guessed it “Christmas”.  

Now that #Blogmas is underway, and so far I’ve managed to stick to a post every day, I thought id share a list of post ideas. There’s hundreds to choose from and you only have to Google #Blogmas to find them. I find it easier to search in advance of December and decide early on the 25 I was going to use. It’s difficult to narrow down but bear in mind that your posts shouldn’t be too difficult as you have 25 to get through and if you’re not used to posting everyday it can get quiet daunting when you haven’t got a post ready. So here is a little list in case this is your first #Blogmas like me and your running out of ideas already.

  • Christmas gift ideas for her
  • Christmas gift ideas for him
  • DIY Christmas Gifts
  • Favourite Christmas recipes
  • How to make a gingerbread house
  • What to buy for your secret Santa
  • Favourite Christmas songs
  • What are your Christmas traditions?
  • How to make Christmas pudding
  • Christmas cocktail recipes
  • Christmas wish list
  • Practical gifts for bloggers
  • Holiday outfit ideas
  • Things I love about Christmas
  • Favourite childhood Christmas memory
  • What does Christmas mean to you?
  • Last minute gift ideas
  • How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey
  • How are you counting down to Christmas?
  • 10 Ways to celebrate Christmas in style
  • Christmas tree reveal
  • Stocking filler gift ideas
  • How to survive the boxing day sales
  • Who will you be spending Christmas with?
  • Top 10 Christmas movies
  • Letter to Santa
  • Holiday bucket list
  • Christmas eve traditions
  • Christmas platter ideas
  • Christmas cake recipe
  • Christmas poems
  • Printable Christmas tags
  • Where to shop online this Christmas
  • How to make shortbread
  • The true meaning of Christmas
  • Events happening at Christmas time
  • A reflection on the year
  • Christmas cake recipe
  • DIY advent calendar ideas
  • How to host the perfect Christmas party
  • Christmas Jokes
  • DIY Christmas nativity
  • Elf on the shelf pictures and ideas
  • Christmas on a budget
  • Christmas gift ideas for grandparents
  • What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?
  • Blogmas post ideas
  • Host a Christmas giveaway
  • Inexpensive Christmas gifts
  • The best places to shop online

Do you have any other ideas for posts? Share them below in the comments and let’s keep up the good work for #Blogmas2017!

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