It’s usually hard enough to buy presents for the people you know and love without adding in a Secret Santa gift for someone you hardly know anything about. Luckily though, if you do Secret Santa the way it should be done, it really doesn’t matter what you buy. It’s meant to be ridiculous and hilarious at the same time and totally not something they are ever going to want or need. Here I’ve put together a completely outrageous list of gifts that are exactly that, hilarious! I simply picked one website (, stuck with it and picked out some of the silliest things I could find, no thought necessary!

Im pretty sure that looking at just the images was enough for most people to think of someone they would buy at least one of the items for. Our office hasn't taken part in Secret Santa this year.. (yes there all boring!) but there were several of these gifts I could think of a recipient for! 

What about you? Any thoughts on Secret Santa? Whats the most hilarious present you have every bought? 

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