Every year I find buying gifts for people harder and harder, please tell me I’m not alone! I stroll around the shops and a lot of it seems the same as last year, I've even spotted a few of the gifts I bought last year actually. 

Ive been doing a lot of thinking lately about Christmas presents, and the problem I’ve found is people don’t change. They like what they like, but you cant buy the same present year after year. So what the F**K do you buy? Anyone pretty much over the age of 18 now already buys exactly what they want whenever they want it throughout the year. So when I was asked to put together my own Christmas wish list I actually found it really difficult. I mean theres nothing I actually want or need from anyone so why bother? Surely thats spending money for the sake of spending it. Don’t get me wrong, I AM BY NO MEANS A GRINCH. If anything I’m the most Christmas loving person I know (minus cards, I hate cards!) I felt obliged to put together a few things that id been looking at for a while but just hadn’t gotten around to treating myself to yet, I suppose that way your not disappointed if Santa doesn’t bring it because you had all intention of buying it at some point right? So heres a few things I’m lusting after this year mainly thanks to this lovely blogging world I’m now apart of. 

Whats on your Christmas list this year? Mines completely random due to the fact there really isn't anything in particular I want. Christmas is for families and for spending time together, gifts are optional!

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