Close the door to the past - Sometimes all we need is a fresh start

AWOL, yes thats what I'm going to call my absence from here. AWOL. Absent Without Leave. Absent without any excuses.

Im not going to lie and say that I've been busy or that life has just gotten in the way because that would be dishonest. I just haven't wanted to blog, I've come home from work with the intention of blasting out a post or two but then when reality hits and I sit in front of my laptop I just can't bring myself to write anything. Ive lost my mojo it would seem. 

I have spent the majority of this year upside down, not knowing wether I am coming or going and to be honest I'm ready for it all to settle down and fall into some kind of routine. 2018 began with my future mapped out and a very clear path to follow, but to be honest I didn't even step foot on that path, not even a single toe. Whilst I know that everything happens for a reason and you have to map your life around the cards that you are dealt, I wish whoever it is that deals them would stop shuffling mine and re-dealing them. 

Since January I've separated from my partner of 4 years, realised who really matters in my life, quit my job, started a completely different new job, booked two holidays and made some great new friends. Now it feels like its time to settle things into a routine and get everything organised into priorities. I started the year with a list of 6 goals (see post here), now we are almost 4 months in and I've stuck to probably only one of them. Cracking Start!

First up was the skincare routine, the only one I have been working on! I received lots of skincare gifts for Christmas which gave me the opportunity to try out different things. Ive been loving Garnier's Natural Honey Flower Gel Wash, I use it as part of my night time routine to take off all my makeup except my eyes. For my eyes, there a little more sensitive, I've been trying out No 7's Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover and its been a lovely addition. It doesn't make my eyes sore or red after using it and takes even waterproof mascara off easily. Also added to the routine was Nivea's Regenerating Night Cream, I pop this on after the face wash and eye remover, it acts like a moisturiser which has worked wonders during all the snowy cold weather we've been having. 

My second intention was to declutter, I think I've sort of tried to do this one. Everything has a home in my room, be it on display or in a box. Nothing particularly looks out of place so that was the aim although I do think I'm still harbouring a few things which have absolutely no use ever! But who doesn't?

Fitness. Hm! Im trying, the aim was to get back into running by taking part in the 500 mile in a year challenge. I may have over estimated my ability due to not knowing how the year was going to begin and would affect my mood towards just about everything. So 4 months in I'm back on it, I've completed 41 miles so still have a long way to go to get back on target but I'm not giving up! Im back at the gym trying to complete Kayla Itsines 12 week body challenge too with the motto I've done it before I can do it again. 

Ditching technology hasn't happened, I'm still constantly on my phone or iPad and I've still only read one whole book in 2018 with a target of 8 in the year. I can turn this one around though with two holidays booked ill be sure to get through quiet a few!

The fifth goal was the blogging goal and the goal set out for this here space, once a week a post would be published. Well that hasn't happened, I just haven't had the inspiration or willingness to sit and write about something. I lost my Mojo and needed to rediscover it somehow. I read about people saying theres organisation within blogging, set days you should blog, times you should post to get the most people to read. Well I don't write my posts to please others I write them because I enjoy it. And if other people do too then thats quiet frankly an added bonus. Whilst I do write for my readers to enjoy I don't write solely for that reason, otherwise what would be the point? Id be forcing myself to do something only to blog about it? I started First For Everything for a space to share the things I loved doing with you all and thats how I intend to keep it. So whilst yes I will be trying to keep it to at least once a week, it may not be the same day or the same time every week. How do you all feel about this? When did it become a rule driven blogging world? When did we stop doing what we love and conforming only to what people want from us? 

Rule 6 has an amendment* this is no longer an our goal more a my goal with a further down the line expiration date. Ive kept up my ISA payments and will still be looking for a property on my own next year, with a possible move to the city which is something I've always wanted to do. 

How has 2018 panned out for you guys so far? Hopefully its all started out a little smoother? I joked that my year was to start in February and that January was simply a trial run to see how much I could handle. But now that March has been and almost gone and I hadn't really moved from that spot either its time to get on with it I think. 


  1. Sometimes its good just to through the goals out the window and do what makes you happiest. 2018 seems to have been a total whirlwind for you already, but you have so many good plans in place!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Thanks Erin, it had been a bit of a whirlwind. But I guess its how we fight back and start over that counts right! Hope 2018 is going well for you so far!

  2. Kylie, it's like I'm reading about myself! I am trying to rejuvenate my blogging mojo, which has been AWOL since February. I had been blogging at least one a week up until that point for over 2 years, but I think I ran out of steam.
    I'm pushing myself to get back into it, as I do miss it. I hope i'll get back into the speed of things soon.
    I hope you're coming along with your blog. I guess as long as we are writing with the right intentions, then it will all come together xx

    1. Thanks Abbie! Yes its all coming back together slowly now! The blog has had a lovely makeover thanks to purchasing a new theme. So hopefully that will encourage more content!

      I love your blog, keep up the hardwork! xx


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