Yes Yes I'm late to the party! Almost sounds like a line from this book that does! 

On Saturday I went to London for the day with my parents and my niece, whilst they totted off to watch Wicked (Ive seen it before, AMAZING incase you wanted to know) I headed off to Waterstones biggest store in Europe near Piccadilly! Even though walking through the door I wasn't hit by the amazement of a 5 storey book shop.. I knew it was still going to be like heaven. 

It is a HUGE store, with over 8 miles of bookshelves, its easy to get lost and probably spend a fortune. Luckily I had time on my side and spent ages perusing the aisles, always drawn to the fantasy and young adult section. Ive been meaning to pick up Caraval for what seems like forever since I saw its cover doing the rounds on Instagram. It seemed like everyone was reading it and I wanted to know what the draw was. So I scanned the Fantasy aisles in Waterstones and soon found what I was looking for, at £7.99 I couldn't grumble and headed off to the nearest Caffe Nero to delve in. 

That was Saturday, today is Monday. And I'm finished.

If that doesn't tell you how hard the book is to put down I don't know what would, its a brilliant piece of writing. Garber really hits all the high notes for letting you lose your imagination in a world where no one can trust what they see. 

'Remember its all a game. What happens beyond this gate may frighten or excite you. But don't let any of it trick you' is the line from the blurb on the back. I had no idea before reading it what Caraval was even about all I knew was that everyone seemed to be reading it. 

Its a fast paced book with lots of twists and turns, when I was reading, it was almost like I could imagine myself there playing the game. Or maybe I just wanted to be. Its brilliantly written and keeps you hanging on for the next chapter. I couldn't put it down, I sat for an hour and a half reading, then had to start again on the train home and then again today just because I wanted to finish it and know how it ended. Its interesting too, because unlike other books your piecing together the clues yourself but until each part is revealed you don't actually notice the game unfolding. The characters are easy to imagine and I like that about books, everyone pictures someone slightly different which allows a different story to each individual unlike a film where everyone is seeing the same person. Both Scarlett and Tella remind me of how me and my own sister are which makes the book more relatable.

'At midnight on the first day, the show begins and the visitors become players. Each of them is vying for the coveted prize: a single wish.' I always find it slightly odd when a prize is something we don't take seriously in real life, but truth be told if someone said you had to compete in a game to get a single wish of your choice, would you play? 

What have you all been reading lately? Let me know in the comments. Ive got loads more books to crack on with throughout 2018. I started Sarah Millican's - How to be Champion at the Spa on Friday and can now revert back to that. Its been hilarious so far and I've nodded and agreed to so much of it already! 


  1. That bookstore sounds like heaven! I really want to read Caraval x

    1. It was Katie!. I really enjoyed not being on a time limit and just wandering around! Caraval is brilliant you should get it ASAP!


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