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Ive decided to start this little follow series starting today and running for 50 days. A whole 50 days! And your all going to help me stick with it or else! It was pure fluke that fifty, fitness, food and frugality all started with the letter F. Honest!

So heres the mission, there is exactly 50 days until I fly off on my holidays to Bulgaria for a week. I ABSOLUTELY cannot bloody wait! Ive decided its time to get back on the fitness band wagon however at the same time I need to start saving some extra pennies for spending money. 

The Fitness Promise

Im not going to lay out my days of the week, or what I'm doing each week and how many times. I work weird shifts so the same classes each week or the same times and days aren't always possible. My aim will be to workout at least 3 days a week and high impact, I wouldn't exactly call myself a newbie in the gym but I would like to learn how to lift to help tone my body. I need to lose a few pounds too to make myself more confident with my body, I've never been happy with the way I look or the shape I am so its time to resolve that. It takes a stupidly long time to realise that you'll only really put your mind to it when you learn to do it for you and not because someone else wants you too or to impress another person. 

The Food Promise

This is the bit that gets tricky because I'm a nightmare for binging to make myself happier or content. But to get into shape I know that it starts with what I put in. So for 50 days I will be giving up ALL chocolate/sweets, fizzy pop and takeaways. Im going to try and keep a track of the calories I put in whilst also sustaining myself to workout. 

The Frugality Promise

Since starting the new job I've had to limit what I spend whilst I get used to four-weekly pay. Believe me when I say going from weekly to four-weekly is a tricky situation to be in, being used to every Friday being a pay day! But I'm slowly getting the hang of it, and at the moment I have things that need paying for, saving is a must! So for the next 50 days I'm going to minimise any unnecessary spending to only the necessities and save some money for Bulgaria and Cuba (yes thats later in the year! Another cannot wait moment!). I also need to book my best friends birthday trip to London including attending London Movie and TV Comic Con! OMG I'm going to see Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in the flesh and of course the most gorgeous woman in the world Megan Fox! My bedroom is also craving a new Dressing table thanks to the lovely Erins post (find it here)! 

So the four F's - Fifty - Fitness - Food and Frugality. They all play an important part in anyones life I think, but for the next fifty days there going to take precedent. Ill be writing a weekly Sunday update post to let you all know how its going, hopefully just the highs but if theres any lows you'll be hearing those too!

Do you have any tips to save money? Advice on learning to lift? Or the foods to try OR avoid? Pop your comments below id love to hear them!

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