We are officially finished with Day 1 - 7 of the Fifty day mission (see here). I thought id drop you the update I promised last week when it all began and let you know how its been going.

The Fitness Promise / Food Promise - This promise was to increase my fitness regime which had become limited at best, so I've given it my best shot this week. The food promise was to correct my unhealthy eating habits and focus on being better. Ive been on late shifts at work which has freed up some good AM availability for me to hit the gym classes. I attend my local DW Sports Fitness club and thought id try out a few of the classes that are on offer throughout the day.

Let me tell you how its been going so far anyway,

Day 1 Sunday - I went into the Gym with my friend and did 500M in the pool, I really enjoyed being back swimming but like every girl before me will know, its just such a FAFF! But ill be going again I think as I enjoyed the jacuzzi and steam room time after ;) ! Food for today consisted of Bran Flakes for breakfast, a lovely Sunday dinner and 4 Belvita breakfast biscuits as a snack.

Day 2 Monday - I hit the gym hard and attended both Body Pump and Aero Tone. I hadn't tried either class before but really enjoyed them both actually. Aero tone is a little bit like aerobics but to some brilliant music and probably a bit faster paced. The menu for today was Bran Flakes with Banana chopped up, Jacket Potato with Tuna and Cheese for lunch and Chicken Salad wraps for dinner.

Day 3 Tuesday - Calmed it a little and went to Zumba tone as I ached literally everywhere. Best thing about this class aside from the obvious advantages of dancing around a room getting rid of your aches and pains.. you get to shake maracas!! A massive perk obvs! Tuesdays breakfast consisted of Bran flakes with banana again, overnight oats with yogurt and Jacket potato with chicken strips and beans for dinner. Filled a gap!

Day 4 Wednesday - Day off from gym and decided to take the dog on a long walk instead. Fuelling today was Special K Cereal for breakfast, Overnight oats with Strawberry yoghurt for Lunch and Chicken Salad wraps for dinner. Because I was at work till late I took some Belvita breakfast biscuits to tide me through.

Day 5 Thursday - Back to the gym and tried out Salsacise, it was so much fun let me tell you! I really enjoyed this class, its a routine based class but you pick it up pretty quick and even if you don't its still fun dancing in a class. I was surprised how many of the members of this class were from the older generation who also looked liked they were having just as much fun! Special K for breakfast, overnight oats with yogurt for lunch at work.  Then for dinner I have Jacket potato, Salt and Pepper Chicken Strips, beans and cheese for dinner. Yummy!

Day 6 Friday - I was totally ill equipped! I was prepared for another lovely Zumba tone class only to find out the instructor was away on holiday and it was replaced with Legs, Bums and Tums. OUCH! The class itself was really good but boy did it hurt like hell for someone who hasn't squatted in an age! Was exactly what I needed though so will deffo be back for more of this one!  Special K for breakfast before class then Pasta and Meatballs with Chopped tomatoes for lunch before work and Belvitas at work.

Day 7 Saturday - Our gym held a trial class of something called PLYO. The description read something like a mix between Yoga and Pilates but faster tempo. Faster tempo was a bloody understatement! But again I really enjoyed it and am so hoping they put it into the daily timetable. Its one of those classes that kicks your ass but you feel motivated after it! I weighed in today as I knew I wouldn't be going to the gym on Sunday and id lost a whopping 5lbs! Was really pleased with this but I do fluctuate in weight. You'll notice I haven't recorded a starting weight or any progress weights because I'm saving it for day 50! Fingers crossed for progress! Today I had a day off and went to Mcdonalds with my family as they'd been away for the weekend, their Wraps are literally to die for!

So as you can see, I stuck out the fitness side of things this week and no chocolate! And to be honest I can feel it paying off already, I actually wore a skirt for work for the first time on Friday, its all about the little wins for me. However next week im at work on ALL DAYS so no gym in the timetable till Friday. BOO! But fingers crossed it won't have to much of an impact if I can behave every where else!

PS wondering about the frugality side of the three promises I made in my post.. I HAVEN'T SPENT A PENNY!

Check back in next Sunday for another weekly update! 43 days and counting!

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