For a while now I have been apart of a website that helps bloggers like myself promote businesses either in return for money or free trial gifts. However over the last few months I've thought more and more about the smaller local firms that don't get as much exposure and have been wondering if there was something I could do to rectify it, maybe inline with what I do with said website or completely on my own. Until an opportunity recently arose and I tied the two together to get the ball rolling, everyone let me introduce you to the lovely people at the Old English Company. This will be my first Local Business Support Advertisement and I hope I do them proud! 

You may have noticed if your an avid reader of First For Everything that a new page has been added, titled Advertisers. Here you will be able to find all of the local companies I have worked with and any offers they may have going along with a brief about what you can purchase from each one. Shortly, Old English Company will be added to start the page going!

So anyway! Back to them! 

The Old English Company are a brand who specialise in Stationary and Homeware using the art of quirky calligraphy quotes and there own humorous style. Based in Stamford all of their products are made here in England and are all within anyones price range. Local firms sometimes have to compromise there prices due to the costs involved in making there products, however the Old English Company have kept all their items within anyones grasp even a bargain hunter like me! I already want to own half the website.

On there you can find all manor of items including coasters, mugs, calendars, cards and prints. But for all of you reading this that know me, you know my heart will lie with the Stationary page. However much I adore the key-rings and Enamel Pins with there funny slogans, its the Planner page that draws me in. 

You see I have this desire to organise my life, I think I could hold a diary for every single detail of my life from daily habits, expenses to calendar scheduling and reminders. I couldn't possibly keep it all in one because wheres the fun in that! My dad always jokes saying "Kylie does love a list" because I make them for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I have so many bits of paper I worry about losing one! But these beauts are A5 sized making them even more perfect and compact and each page contains a daily checklist and room for notes. The only difficulty I'm going to have is picking which colour I prefer! 

Currently they are holding a competition to win a set of planners and you betcha ive already entered! 
Go on and enter yourselves its not like you've got anything to lose! 

Over the next few weeks of April I'm sure you will see more of the Old English Companies products popping up on my social media and here on the blog. Go and give them a visit, I highly doubt you'll manage to leave the site without buying something, personally I haven't managed it yet! 

*This post is sponsored by Old English Company and I have collaborated with them on this post, however all views and opinions remain my own and I bloody love the products! I would personally not endorse something I didn't truly love myself.


  1. Aaaah they are so lovely, and what an amazing thing to do supporting local businesses! So so nice! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Love this! Always support local! xx

    1. Totally agree! Some of the best things I own are sourced from Local companies! :) xx


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