So as many of you who read my blog will know, I started a monthly review for local companies. It started in April with Old English Company based in Stamford and you can read my post all about the business here.

Anyway, after writing up my lovely post all about them and how it started out I got in contact with them and the lovely Ellie so very kindly replied and offered me a gift voucher to spend on the website. Well hello, I wasn't going to turn that down, it was going to be hard enough deciding what to spend it on!

I thought Id share with you the few purchases I made including my favourites as well as whats on my Wishlist for when I'm actually allowed to spend some money! (To find out why I can't spend my hard earned money see my latest post here)

First up are my totally gorgeous new coasters, I've recently redecorated my bedroom with some lovely geometric wallpaper in pink, grey, white and rose gold and these coasters just match perfectly! I love the quirky quotes on them and you can purchase lots of different ones on the website and there also available in different colours.. you know incase pink isn't quiet your thing.

Secondly I purchased a keychain and a pocket mirror, because what girl doesn't need both. Again I went for the quirky quotes and inspirational keychain. Im all for motivation and Old English Company deffo had me covered with this one, I do got this! Thanks! Theres bloody loads to choose from depending on your mood when purchasing too so you don't have to have your s**t together like I did clearly when deciding.

I had to get one of the planners of course because I'm a stationary addict and I couldn't just buy one so I bought one of the notepads too. I currently have a thing for the colour grey, do not ask me why because I DO NOT have a clue?! But aren't these super cute and there really sturdy too so no bending out of shape here. (Can you tell I'm a picky stationary addict too, quality always come first).

And finally I'm going to hope my Dad doesn't see this post, I picked up one of the aprons for fathers day, Yano for when he becomes an outdoor Masterchef at the BBQ. Like all dads do! Cant cook all year round in the kitchen but put them outside in-front of a BBQ and they become gods gift to cooking!

I can't get enough of this companies products, my Wishlist grows every time I go on, heres a few of the things I still NEED to buy. (People lie when they say theres a difference between NEED and WANT, there isn't, do not be fooled!)

Go take a look over at and see what you can't help spending your money on too! The website is full of gorgeous and fun products, who knows you might even find a few gifts for other people too!


  1. I’ve been wanting to try this company for so long! I’m obsessed with home decor, and I’m kind of surprised I haven’t placed an order yet. Those coasters look like something I would have placed in my basket right away! You can never have too many planners, right?! Your wish list is identical to something that would be in mine, I love every item you picked out. I think you’ve convinced me, so I’m off to their website! Thank you for sharing, Kylie!

    Jenny xx

    1. Thanks Jen! Good Luck trying not to buy the entire site but be sure to let me know what you do decide on!

  2. That pizza coaster is everything! I have found my motto, haha


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