Well that is week two complete, Days 8 - 15 were a little tougher as it was pay day and I had a few things planned. Work has also gotten in the way of being able to train this week as Ive been on 10 hour shifts and then 2 hours worth of train travel either side has been unhelpful!

A reminder of what the Fifty Day challenge is, The Fitness Promise / Food Promise - This promise was to increase my fitness regime which had become limited at best, and The food promise was to correct my unhealthy eating habits and focus on being better.

Week two has consisted of -

Day 8 Sunday - I spent some time with family as work shifts and them being away had meant we hadn't seen each other much. We had the best Sunday dinner ever! I mean when is a Sunday dinner not the best dinner ever, they only get better on Christmas Day! I ensured that my plate was half full of fresh vegetables though.

Day 9/10 Monday/Tuesday - Working all day, both days meant no gym, I did however ensure I made it out in the morning to walk to the dog, catching the train to work at 8.15 and not returning until 22.30 makes me very grumpy! I had Special K for breakfast before leaving for work, Porridge and Cherry yoghurt for Lunch and Caribbean Chicken soup with a part baked role for dinner. On the way home I snacked on Belvita Breakfast biscuits. I had the same meals both days.

Day 11/12 Wednesday/Thursday - Working all day again meant limited choices for food which I dislike, so it was pretty much the same menu as Monday and Tuesday just a different soup. Potato and Leek today, they are absolutely gorgeous though and freshly made. Morrisons sell them in big pots which last me two days and are full of healthy goodness whilst low in calories.

Day 13 Friday - I was lucky to be off work on Friday however due to all the long days I just couldn't find the motivation to go to the gym which in its self made me feel terrible. You know when you know you should do something then later in the day you get that regret feeling. Urgh! I had a dinner date today with old colleagues which was a lovely catchup, I went for the Chicken with Fries and Mexican rice. Yummy!

Day 14 Saturday - The weather has been absolutely amazing this weekend so rather than coup up in a gym I decided to get out walking with the pup! We went off to our local woodland and went exploring (see the picture at the top, gorgeous day, gorgeous puppy!) 2 hours later and we thought it best to come home before the day got REALLY hot! As I said its been glorious! I was nervous about weighing in this week due to not having been to the gym, but was surprised to see I had only put on 0.6lb which was nice. I always think you can't lose weight every week, its all moderation and if Id hit my target weight in the first two weeks Id struggle to keep motivation to see it through the next three weeks and probably end up piling it all back on before the holiday. Defeat the object much!

Luckily im on late shifts this next week so its back in the gym again! Even though its bank holiday Monday, meant to be the hottest on record ever, you'll find me at Dw Sports Fitness blasting through Body Combat and Aero Tone! Wish me luck!

The third part of my Fifty Days Promise was to spend the minimum amount of money. Well I made it through to payday without spending a penny, since being paid ive been to the catch up with friends and spent £17 and unfortunately had to pay for replacement car parts which cost me £98! Ive purchased my dressing table at £82 and thats it for this month! Other than my best friends birthday I have nothing else booked in or to pay for so fingers crossed for some saving ready for holiday shopping in June!

Check back in next Sunday for another weekly update! 36 days and counting!

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