Week three complete!

Days 16 - 22 have gone by in such a blur, I said id share the good and the bad with you, and to be honest this week feels like it hasn't been that great. Weigh in today revealed I hadn't put any weight on but I also hadn't lost any either which left me a little bit deflated, but considering what I've eaten I think I deserved it. You know that regretful feeling you get when you know you really should have tried harder and you get what you deserve, thats currently how I feel. But with four weeks left I feel today like im more motivated than ever, I'm going to throw absolutely everything at this!

A reminder of what the Fifty Day challenge is, The Fitness Promise / Food Promise - This promise was to increase my fitness regime which had become limited at best, and The food promise was to correct my unhealthy eating habits and focus on being better.

Week three has consisted of -

Day 16 Sunday - Oh how hard this day actually turned out to be! Why when your trying to be on your best behaviour would you book a Food Festival Ticket with your mum!?! I think I must have lost my mind when I decided to do that. I tried to deprive myself of the luxury samples but I won't lie, it got a bit much and I did try a few things. I also sat outside in the sunshine and had a lovely sausage bap from one of the stalls. The festival was great, held at Hardwick Hall, a mere 20 min drive from my house. Dinner consisted of Chicken Skewers, chips and Mexican rice from our local pub as I treated my loving parents to dinner to thank my step dad for fitting my new car parts! Sponge cake for dessert from the festival was a naughty weigh in day treat too!

Day 17 Monday - An extra day off work due to a bank holiday! Rejoice! But at the same time that means being at home and trying no to eat everything in the house! To get out I took myself off to the gym which I thought was very good of me considering it was bank holiday, Bodypump put me through my paces! Bran flakes for breakfast, then for dinner I made my own Chicken kebab from a video tutorial I saw on facebook! Not going to lie it was bloody gorgeous and not really that bad considering it only had 0% fat greek yoghurt and a few spices. Boiled potatoes and salad as a side made it a bloody beautiful dinner if I do say so myself!

Day 18 Tuesday - I took myself back off to the gym again today, brownie points! Two classes, Zumba followed by Zumba toning. I love both classes as they don't really feel like exercise, although I do think I need to focus a little more on toning rather than weight loss moving forward. Bran flakes for breakfast to get me through the two classes, Soup and a roll for lunch followed by Chicken salad wraps for dinner due to working late shift. Belvita Breakfast biscuits on the way home from said late shift.

Day 19/20/21 Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - Day off from the gym Wednesday but picked up Zumba on Thursday. Wednesdays menu consisted of Bran flakes for breakfast, Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayonnaise for lunch followed by Chicken salad wraps for dinner at work. Thursdays breakfast was Bran Flakes again (see a trend here!) with a small banana, Chicken goujons with boiled potatoes and salad for dinner. Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday with chicken leek and bacon for dinner with parmentier potatoes for dinner.

Day 22 Saturday - Due to working an extra shift, I weighed in today and got my result as listed above. The same as last week. I can't argue with it, I just haven't tried as hard as I could have and thats the only reason that matters. I need to get on with it and I feel motivated now.

The third part of my Fifty Days Promise was to spend the minimum amount of money I possibly could. I have booked everything that needed booking now, and trying my best to make it through to the 29th when I go holiday shopping! All my saving and working out will be worth while on this day!

Check back in next Sunday for another weekly update! 29 days and counting!

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