As the latest hot saying goes - "I'm now living my best life!"

While I am not there yet, I'm certainly fast approaching the end of another decade of my life (gosh that makes me sound ancient!) lets say period instead 😂! Sitting only 3 months away from turning the big 3-0 I've started to reflect on the things I've accomplished. So I thought I'd share just some of the things that have made the last 29 years blooming fantastic.

1 - Lets be obvious here, I made it to 29!

2 - Family and the friends I've made - Obviously second to me actually turning 3-0, Ive had substantial help in getting here and can only thank my amazing family and the support network of friends who have helped me along the way. They've stood with me and supported me in my goals and achievements and even encouraged me to do some crazy things.

3 - I checked out of college with Distinction results and couldn't have been prouder of my time spent in education - Whilst at school I encountered crappy times like we all do, whilst were working out who we are and who we want to be are some of the hardest times for a teenager. Luckily for me I managed to turn things around and finish high school with decent grades and go onto college to study Computer Science. Not to everyones taste but it got me to Disney Land Paris for 3 days for £100!

4 - Running my first and only half marathon -  I say only because god did it hurt like hell! The feeling of overwhelming proudness crossing the finish line will no doubt be a feeling I will never get again. Its a hell of a long way and you really don't realise what you've signed up for until the training kicks in and your running 9-10 miles knowing theres still 3 more to add on. I have a new found deep respect for long distance runners! I bow down to you!

5 - Skydiving from a bloody great height - Thanks to Katie for making this possible.. although at the time I'm not sure I wanted to thank her! It was probably the most terrifying thing I've done in my life and again cant say its something ill be in a rush to try again. I actually did write an entire post on this experience here.

6 - Seeing the world - Literally thank my parents for this one who have always encouraged me to travel. I have seen some amazing places in 29 years and consider this my best accomplishment to date. Ive been super lucky to see the places I've seen, and I have worked super hard to make it happen.

7 - Changing career at 29 - I worked in the same office building for 10 years, the majority of my working life spent with the same 3-4 people. It was a massive risk when I decided to up and leave and start somewhere new, especially considering that neither job had anything in common. I went from being someones assistant in an accounting office to working on a moving train in First Class travelling up and down the country. No big change there right?!

8 - Acquiring a mortgage in principle - This to some will seem inadequate for the list, but to me this was a major plus! Since splitting with my partner back in January id thought this was a far off dream, in my big life plan (you know those milestones we set ourselves to achieve in life), id said I wanted to own my own house by the time I turned 3-0. Its probably my biggest disappoint, but I've just had to change the way I look at it and know that I will achieve it now, it will just be a little later than planned.

Whilst theres been good in 29 years its not all been perfect, failed relationships & engagements, lost friends and loved ones. But its how we handle things and move forward that matters. So long as you find a reason to pick up and move forward your already winning at life. With a holiday to Mexico looming I have decided to use it as an ending. Ive given myself long enough to mope around and be angry at things and people, to lose focus and motivation to do the things I love. So with that in mind heres another list of things that are going to be different.

1 - Getting back into fitness - Its silly really as its always been something I've enjoyed, I've had a gym membership for like forever and haven't been in months. I want to get back into running and reignite my passion for it. I lost motivation and have struggled to find a reason to go back. But now I'm going back for me, which I've only just realised is the only reason I ever needed. Id also like to give a massive shoutout and mention to Lucy Arnold, a local Clothing Brand creator and an amazing inspiration to me and other women. I HIGHLY recommend a visit to her website to purchase the Craziest, Loudest most gorgeous gym Leggings a girl could own. When your about to say screw you world I'm doing this for me, these are the leggings you should be doing it in! Find them here - Also her facebook community of ladies and gents is inspiring and encouraging and I'm so glad I found them!

2 - Making more of my spare time - At current I've turned into a hermit, I cant remember the last time I went out on a dinner date with friends or to the Cinema. Theres so many things I love doing but I cant say I've wanted to do any of them. Whilst my new job is a lot more tiring as well as time consuming, I've let the feeling carry on and carry on knowing that work isn't the reason I don't go out. I need to push myself to start enjoying life again knowing that whats in the past is in the past and only I can change the present and the future.

3 - SAVE save SAVE - Yes I intend on doing more but I also need to factor in the saving side of things, if id known I would be looking to purchase a house SOLO id have started this ALONG time ago. My advice to people would be enjoy life, do the things you love, but always prepare for the future even if its only £50 a month. You WILL thank yourself in the long run.

In 29 years Ive had some major highs and some major lows, but I guess you cant have one without the other or life would be boring. I wouldn't change anything I've done or experienced as its made me the person I am now. Im a lot more confident and outgoing, and maybe even a little more approachable, Im definitely a lot more positive and relaxed than I used to be. So I'm actually okay with turning 30 soon, Ive accomplished a lot already. Here's to the next 30, may they be as eventful as the last.

What are you most proud of so far? Whats your biggest accomplishment?...
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